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Mulcahy LLP was established in 2001 to achieve a full-service solution for clients seeking franchise, distribution, licensing, trade regulation, IP and similar business legal matters. We are uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their business objectives through a full range of cost-effective legal services. Mulcahy LLP has established a national reputation as a preeminent boutique firm of trial and transactional lawyers practicing in the areas of franchise, distribution, antitrust and unfair competition.

Litigation: Mulcahy LLP brings to this endeavor a distinct level of trial experience and economic sophistication with respect to franchise and distribution law. Our lawyers are – and have been – engaged in a wide range of matters in many different industries on behalf of manufacturers and distributors, franchisors and franchisees, and others. We also counsel clients with distribution systems on matters such as dealer terminations, distribution contracts, ongoing contract performance, restructuring of distribution systems, pricing, vertical restraints, dual distribution, developing new advertising and marketing programs as they relate to distribution, and antitrust and trade regulation matters.

Our lawyers are recognized as leaders in the franchise and distribution legal community. They include Certified Specialists in Franchise and Distribution law by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization. They also currently hold (or have recently held) leadership positions on the California Lawyers' Association Franchise Law Committee and on the Franchise and Distribution Law Advisory Commission, California Board of Legal Specialization. We regularly write and speak on franchise, distribution and competition issues for, among others, the California State Bar, the International Franchise Association and the American Bar Association.

Our aim is as simple as it is straightforward: we put the client first. Everything we do for our clients is intended to advance their interests and goals while helping them evaluate the costs, benefits and risks associated with litigation, arbitration and alternative courses of action.

Our lawyers are bound together by two basic principles. First, we are experts at resolving competition, franchise and distribution disputes and problems. Whether through litigation in state or federal court, arbitration, mediation or negotiation, we have the ability to achieve favorable and prompt results for our clients. Second, we are pragmatists and provide our clients with real-world advice. This philosophy, and our reputation, has been an impetus for our success, both in and out of courts throughout the United States. 

Compliance and Transactional: On the compliance side, our regulatory attorneys represent clients that are new to franchising and walk them through the process, introducing them to the necessary team they will need to build a stable franchise infrastructure. We also have many years of experience representing a prestigious client list of franchise systems in the US and abroad. If an alternative to franchising is the solution you seek, we present the full range of options allowing clients to assess the risks and benefits of each. 

Our expertise in helping clients develop a well-designed, strategic roll out of a new franchise system or the conversion, expansion or day-to-day compliance management of an existing system have helped numerous clients avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes. We provide superior service with optimum results in a timely, effective and cost efficient manner.

The trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property of any business are among its most valuable assets. Brand building is at the center of a successful business that wants to establish and protect the goodwill of its brand. Our attorneys help you protect these assets all the way through the process; from an initial determination of the “registrability” of a mark, through the registration process and into maintenance and protection for infringing or other detrimental use by third parties.

  • Our History

    Our History

    The firm was founded in 2001 by Jim Mulcahy after many years as a lawyer in private practice and as General Counsel for a $2 billion corporation.

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  • Our Approach

    Our Approach

    At Mulcahy LLP, our approach is unique in that we find the best business solution for our client, and if that solution is litigation, we litigate to win from the very beginning.

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  • Our Affiliations

    Our Affiliations

    Franchise and Distribution and Antitrust are very specialized areas of the law. Below are several resources to help you navigate the practice.

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