Our Approach is Unique

Our Approach

At Mulcahy LLP, our approach is unique in that we find the best business solution for our client, and if that solution is litigation, we litigate to win from the very beginning. We believe that preparing our cases thoroughly is the most effective course to success either at trial or through favorable settlement.

Mindful of the costs and burdens of litigation, the firm always assists clients in resolving disputes short of trial, whenever possible. We recognize that most cases should and do settle before they go to trial.

For many of our clients, arbitration, mediation, or another method of alternative dispute resolution is the most efficient way to resolve, or, if necessary, litigate complex disputes through conclusion. We know that success in arbitration requires substantial experience and sophistication in the arbitration forum. We have successfully handled dozens of arbitrations, and we have litigated in court both to compel the enforcement of arbitration provisions and to enforce arbitration awards.

We also have been very successful resolving cases via mediation, which can be a very efficient and cost-effective method of resolving disputes.

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