Mulcahy LLP Attorneys

Mulcahy LLP Attorneys

Our lawyers collaborate with clients and counterparts to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation or through alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation and arbitration.

  • James M. Mulcahy

    James M. Mulcahy

    With more than 30 years of experience, Jim Mulcahy is one of the leading authorities in California on franchise and distribution law. Jim is widely recognized for his ability to assist corporations in structuring solid franchise and distribution business solutions and in identifying potential conflicts before they arise.

  • Kevin A. Adams

    Kevin A. Adams

    Kevin’s practice focuses exclusively on franchise and distribution litigation and counseling. As a franchise litigator, Kevin has extensive experience with state and federal franchise laws, employment law matters, intellectual property rights, unfair competition, and related trade regulation matters.

  • Filemon “Phil” Carrillo

    Filemon “Phil” Carrillo

    Phil Carrillo is a business competition litigator. Since joining Mulcahy LLP, his practice focuses on litigating state and federal franchise laws, intellectual property rights, unfair competition, business torts, and employment law matters.

  • Cristina Truong

    Cristina Truong

    Cristina currently handles commercial litigation and wage and employment cases. Prior to joining Mulcahy LLP, she represented victims of defective medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

  • Allard Chu

    Allard Chu

    Allard Chu is an associate at Mulcahy LLP. He is focused on litigation matters relating to franchise and distribution laws.

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