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Video game store businesses offer a great offering of both a fun work environment and a business system that has been proven time and again to be successful for the franchise owner. Franchising relies on the support and training of the franchisor and the business model itself to ensure that new franchises are run well and are profitable.

Video game store franchises may have one thing in common, but many stores differ from one to the next. Some video game stores buy and sell used games, consoles and equipment, accepting trade-ins for games or consoles in exchange for something new. Some sell DVDs as well as video games, branching out into a multi-media experience as opposed to simply specializing in video gaming. Video game store businesses can also specialize in repairing equipment or damaged consoles and computers.

As experienced franchise lawyers, Mulcahy LLP can help determine whether owning a DVD, Video & Gaming franchise is the right fit for you. We have the knowledge needed to help clients identify the risks involved in buying a franchise. We can also provide clients with comprehensive legal guidance throughout their business endeavor. When franchisees are ready to sell their business or want to get out of a franchise contract, we can facilitate the sale or initiate discussions with the franchiser.

Our clients include people interested in buying:

  • Video game stores
  • Video rental franchises
  • Small sports complexes
  • Television and computer stores

DVD, Video & Gaming franchises are a profitable and stable business. You will provide consumers with a convenient and sought-after service. If you interested in learning more about owning and operating a DVD, Video & Gaming franchise, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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