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Security Franchises

The security industry has experienced a remarkable business boom, which is expected to grow uninterrupted into the next decade. The need for security has always been great, and in these tough economic times many law enforcement agencies are suffering from budget cuts. This leaves individuals, businesses and homes unprotected. As a result, security guards are taking the place of police when people need rapid response.

As experienced franchise lawyers, Mulcahy LLP can help determine whether owning a security franchise is the right fit for you. We have the knowledge needed to help clients identify the risks involved in buying a franchise. We can also provide clients with comprehensive legal guidance throughout their business endeavor. When franchisees are ready to sell their business or want to get out of a franchise contract, we can facilitate the sale or initiate discussions with the franchiser.

Our clients include people interested in buying or operating:

  • Cruise Ship Security Franchises
  • Government Facilities Franchises
  • Campus Safety Franchises
  • Commercial Security Franchises
  • Industrial Manufacturing Security Franchises
  • Retail Security Franchises
  • Residential Security Franchises
  • Crossing Guards Franchises
  • Security Monitoring Franchises

Security services franchises are a profitable and stable business. You will provide consumers with a convenient and sought-after service. If you interested in learning more about owning and operating a security services franchise, contact us to schedule a consultation.












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