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Mulcahy LLP specializes in areas of law like antitrust, competition, arbitration, franchise law, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, wholesale & retail distribution & more.

  • Antitrust and Competition

    Mulcahy LLP lawyers have extensive experience in counseling clients on a broad range of distribution issues, restraint issues, price discrimination issues, & many more.

  • Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Mulcahy LLP has extensive experience arbitrating disputes in a wide range of industries & economic sectors, including motor vehicles, restaurants, health care, real estate, & many more.

  • Franchise Law

    Mulcahy LLP is a nationally recognized franchise law firm that provides a wide range of services to franchisors, distributors, master franchisees, area, regional developers, & franchise associations.

  • Pricing Distribution and Compliance Counseling

    We bring franchise, antitrust, competition and IP trial and practical business transactional experience to the complex issues of vertical and horizontal relationships with suppliers, distributors, retail customers and competitors.

  • Trademark and Copyright

    Mulcahy LLP has comprehensive expertise & experience in the areas of trademarks, trade dress, unfair competition, false advertising, the internet, trade secrets, & copyright laws.

  • Trade Secrets

    Mulcahy LLP’s litigation expertise & courtroom experience are invaluable in prosecuting or defending claims involving both statutory and common law trade secrets.

  • Unfair Competition

    Mulcahy LLP has extensive working knowledge and well versed in common law unfair competition, as well as federal and state statutory unfair competition laws. Call 9492529377 for more details.

  • Wholesale and Retail Distribution

    Mulcahy LLP has successfully represented numerous clients in a long list of franchise and distribution cases before arbitrators, courts and juries throughout the United States. On the compliance side, we represent franchisors with licensing and franchise distribution agreements and documents including FDD documents for new franchisors as well as for mature franchise systems.

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