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Mulcahy LLP has significant experience in commercial arbitration, representing manufacturers, suppliers, franchisors, distributors, franchisees, associations and individuals in a wide range of disputes arising out of transactions, investments, trade and other commercial activities in the United States. We have extensive experience arbitrating disputes in a wide range of industries and economic sectors, including motor vehicle, quick service restaurant (QSR’s), beer distribution, health care franchises, real estate franchises, business services distribution, home service franchises, food distribution, cleaning franchises, pet franchises, tutoring franchises, farm equipment distribution, health and fitness franchises, senior care franchises, tobacco distribution, restaurant franchises, DVD, video & gaming franchises, entertainment franchises, printer, copying & sign franchises, security franchises, mailing & shipping franchises, and vending franchises, among others. Our practice places particular emphasis on intellectual property licensing, trademark and copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, franchise and distribution, and antitrust and unfair competition.

We are involved in all aspects of commercial arbitration, including drafting arbitration agreements, advising on best practices and strategy in structuring dispute resolution processes, representing clients in disputes, and going to court to confirm and enforce arbitral awards.

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