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Mulcahy LLP has a well-developed litigation philosophy. It is based on aggressively taking control during the initial filings and maintaining that control through discovery and trial. We assume that every case will be taken to trial and thoroughly prepare all cases with that trial-ready philosophy. From the beginning, we assess the critical legal and factual issues on which the dispute may turn, develop the best witnesses and themes possible to articulate our client’s position at trial, and focus our resources where they will have the most trial impact.

At Mulcahy LLP, we are not just litigators; we are trial lawyers. Our lawyers expect to – and do – try cases. We have tried numerous cases throughout the United States, both in federal and state court. We have a proven track record of taking cases to verdict and have generated successful results for clients throughout the United States.

We also are pragmatists. If a case should go to trial, we will take it to trial. If we consider it in our client’s interest to pursue settlement, we will work with the client to pursue this option. We understand that everything we do for our clients is intended to advance their interests while helping them evaluate the benefits, risks and costs of litigation. And, we fully understand that in some cases the optimal result is the development of an exit strategy for the client.

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