Federal And State Unfair Competition

Your Experienced Unfair Competition Lawyer

At Mulcahy LLP, we advise clients with the goal of preventing litigation brought under federal and state unfair competition laws. Our team has also filed, defended, and tried cases involving unfair competition laws for clients in various industries, including franchise, automotive, consumer products, business services, food and beverage, and more. An unfair competition lawyer from our team can provide effective and experienced representation on these issues.

Our Unfair Competition Lawyer Services

Our attorneys have extensive insight on unfair competition issues under common law and state and federal statutory unfair competition laws. We have advised and provided successful representation for clients in cases involving the Cartwright Act and other California antitrust laws, Unfair Practices Act, various statutory restrictions on covenants forbidding competition, and the Unfair Competition Law, found at Section 17200 of the Business and Professions Code.

Other areas in which we provide counseling and litigation services include:

  • Price fixing
  • Exclusive dealing and tying arrangements
  • Customer and territorial restrictions
  • Price discrimination and below cost pricing
  • Group boycotts and refusals to deal
  • Little FTC acts and deceptive trade practices statutes

From filing to trial to appeal, our unfair competition attorneys successfully take on complex litigation throughout all stages of a case.

Contact a Reliable Unfair Competition Lawyer

For more information about our unfair competition legal representation and support services or to request a consultation, call us today at 949.252.9377 or use our contact form.

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