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Mulcahy LLP has successfully represented numerous clients in a long list of franchise and distribution cases before arbitrators, courts and juries throughout the United States. We have handled and tried a wide range of franchise and distribution law matters on behalf of petroleum companies, automobile, motorcycle and ATV manufacturers and distributors, food service companies, and beverage manufactures, brewers and distributors, along with other manufacturers and distributors of consumer products.

We also counsel clients involved with distribution systems on matters such as dealer terminations, redrafting distribution contracts, ongoing contract performance, restructuring of distribution systems, pricing, vertical restraints, dual distribution, developing new advertising and marketing programs as they relate to distribution, and antitrust and trade regulation matters.

We give real-world advice to clients throughout the country on a variety of distribution questions. For example, we bring our trial experience and practical experience to the sometimes difficult issues involved in dealer terminations. We are well versed in counseling on state and federal laws applicable to the sale and termination of franchises , state motor vehicle dealer laws, food and beverage laws, industrial equipment dealer laws, state and federal petroleum laws, business opportunity laws, state and federal deceptive trade practices and unfair competition laws, and federal and state antitrust laws, including California’s Cartwright Act. We are extremely well attuned to the vagaries associated with the increasingly invoked and evolving concept of “good faith and fair dealing.”

Mulcahy LLP also represents clients with direct selling and multilevel marketing business systems. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in strategically and tactically navigating the fine line between a legitimate multilevel marketing business and an illegal pyramid scheme. We have the experience and insight to assist clients at all levels of the multilevel marketing process to help ensure and preserve the legitimacy of their businesses.

The legal services we provide to clients engaged in wholesale and retail distribution are designed to help the clients achieve their business objectives and ensure their business systems’ long-term existence and success.




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